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Wechip R1 Voice Air Mouse MIC 6 Axis Gyro IR Remote Control


Wechip R1 Voice Air Mouse Built in Hi-Fi MIC 6 Axis Gyro IR Learning Smart Remote Control


1. 2.4G Wireless Remote Control + IR Learning Function
2. Hi-Fi Input Voice, Support Google Assistant
3. Real 6 axis gyroscope with 3 level air mouse speed adjusted
4. 31 keys can be paired to IR Learning
5. Factory Direct,Welcomed to customize with your need!

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l Before using the air mouse, please install 2 AAA batteries for the air mouse and make sure that the batteries are full power;

l Before using the air mouse, please insert the receiver into the USB port of the device you want to control carefully, and make sure that the device has been started and worked normally;

l Air mouse has 2.4G and IR working modes. The LED indicator color is blue in the 2.4g working mode and red in the IR working mode, and the switch mode is carried out by pressing the "  TV  " (TV) key.

l Air mouse can only be used after it is paired with the receiver;

l The method to check whether the air mouse is paired with the receiver: set the air mouse to 2.4G working mode first, and the LED indicator color is blue. then press any key, if the LED indicator flashes slowly, it means that the air mouse is not paired with the receiver and you need to do manual pairing operation;

l When you replace the receiver and use the new receiver for the first time, you need do manual pairing operation.