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wechip Super mini SFC621 HDMI game console build in 621games

Super SFC621

Super Mini SFC Game console HD Retro Handheld Game Player Family TV Video Game Console


This game machine not only allows you to experience the new game with the latest equipment, but also remind you of sweet memories from the old games.

1. 100% brand new and high quality.

2. Built-in 621 classic games.

3. All the action takes place on one screen, from a zoomed out third-person perspective. Easy to control. Bringing you back many fond gaming memories.

4. With 2 game controllers, plug and play, suitable for families, friends, couples, etc..

5. Do not need to other game cards and download, with entertainment system.


Item type: Classic Game Console

Product size: 22.6*17*7.5cm

Total weight: 0.76kg

Game Console: for 8-bit, does not support game cards

Games: Built-in 621 Childhood Classic TV Video Games

TV signal system: NTSC/PALTV

status: HDMIPlug

type: US plug,AU plug, Euro plug.

Controller: Dual wired controller

Material: ABS

Package included :

1* Game console

2* Joysticks

1*HDMI cable