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Wechip W2 Voice Remote Control with Touch Pad 2.4G Wireless


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  • Plug and play & Voice input: Just plug the USB receiver into the device you want to control and use it without any setup.Clicking the voice button and speaking into the microphone will automatically search for the TV show or APP you want,very convenient, especially for old people and children.


  • Anti-lost alarm bells: When you don't remember where the remote was put, click the button on the USB receiver, and the built-in anti-loss alarm bell will be activated,by finding the source of the sound, you can easily find your remote, which will save you a lot of money to buy the remote again.(If you want to turn off the alarm bells early, click the USB receiver button and it will stop)


  • Antiskid material & Scratch-free: Frosted feel, non-slip texture made by laser technology,added a layer of non-slip rubber around the air mouse to keep it in the grip of the hand without slipping off,and increased the size of the keys and air mouse to make the operation more comfortable and simple.


  • Touch pad & Characters key tip: Add a new trackpad to the middle of the keyboard for fingertip operations such as zooming,and the distance between the touch pad and the button is consistent with the mechanics of the human body.Special characters can be switched by the "Fn" key.In addition, power can be completely cut off to save electricity by turning off the remote control side of the key.






Package Included:
1 x 2.4G Wireless Fly Air Mouse
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x USB Receiver
1 x User Manual

This product uses buitl-in lithium battery,charging input voltage of 5V.
If the remote control is nnot used for a long time or when the battery is low,please use it when it is fully charged
Use the specified USB cable to charge the remote control,overcharge the battery will shorten the battery life
Avoid use in hot or cold environments,which will shorten battery life