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Wizard Wand Makeup Brushes, WeChip Make Up Brush Set Gifts

Perfect Gift Set:A set of wizard wand makeup brushes is a great gift for family and friends. A complete makeup set includes a comb, mirror and makeup brush, comes with a storage bag, and is packaged in a high-end gift box. Each product has exquisite engraving patterns. Is a decent gift. No fan can refuse such a beautiful gift

Unique Design:This wizard wand gift set features the latest design and is currently the first to sell this gift set on Amazon. Take these wizard wand makeup brushes, it's like entering the real magic world, a must-have item for every wizard entering the wizarding academy

Satisfy Daily Makeup:The functions of five different wizard wand makeup brushes can satisfy daily makeup. For example, eye shadow, foundation, lip brush, concealer, eyebrow pencil, etc. can take care of all the details. And the bristles are made of artificial fiber hair, which is not cruel animal hair. The bristles are very soft, have strong powder grasping power, and are child-friendly, non-irritating and non-allergic.

Top Quality:The handle is made of top-grade metal and has an ergonomic weight that will not tire your hand even if it is all metal. And the metal handle is very durable and won't mold and rot like other wooden handles. And the handle of the makeup brush and the mirror comb are engraved with exquisite lines, which is very retro.

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